The D-Lab is Ready! So Now What?

You have probably never said to yourself, “I can’t add these numbers right now, math time doesn’t start until 10.” Our lives are not compartmentalized by subject the same way school is. Therefore, we have an opportunity with STEAM and our new Makerspace to teach our kids across curriculum barriers and make learning authentic and relevant to them. Not to mention, we need to prepare our students for the jobs of their future. Still need to be convinced? Click on some of the research below!

The Maker Movement in K-12 Education: A Guide to Emerging Research -Ed Week

What’s the Maker Movement and Why Should I care? -Scholastic

So, how can we incorporate these strategies into our classrooms and curriculum? Below is a link to a Pinterest wall that contains a curation of ideas, both simple and complex, that you can use in your classroom.  For instance, if you teach English or reading, there are numerous STEM challenges that connect directly to literature. One such challenge asks you to make a bed for Goldilocks using the materials provided! I will continue to add to this board!

Many are links to Teachers Pay Teachers, which means all resources for the project are included in the lesson plan! Please talk to Ann if you would like to purchase one of these lesson plans!

Maker and STEAM Ideas


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