Making It…With Scratch Paper!

Last week, I was lucky enough to meet one-on-one with Katie to discuss how she is already incorporating maker into her classroom. I can’t tell you how inspired I was when I left our meeting.

While she always knew she wanted to incorporate building and creating in her class schedule, it was the creation of the D-Lab that truly gave her the invitation to actually do it with her students.

While ‘Maker Monday’ has a catchy title, she really felt that Friday after DEAR would be the perfect time to give her students the opportunity to create. Maker Friday was born.  She started small: “Make something out of scratch paper, tape and a stapler.” It was an immediate hit. At the end of twenty minutes, she asked each student to write down on a post-it what they were in the process of making. They could take their project home and just leave their post-it on their clipboard or they could leave it hanging!


Just a few days later, the students were working in centers, and a student finished early. Katie asked, “Well, what do you want to do?” Jackson answered: “Can I make something?!”As soon as Katie said yes, all students had their eye on their work. The sooner they finished their work, the sooner they could make.

Her next maker project will be more specific:  Make yourself out of a paper towel roll! We hope she shares some pictures of this on Schoology!

Here are some videos of Katie’s class in action.  It is crazy how much learning happens in these short videos.

Video #1: It’s a little hard to hear, but Emma was frustrated with her drawing because she couldn’t get something to look right. After failing a few times, she exclaims,”I fixed it!” #growthmindset

Video #2: Jackson teaches Ian how to fold something a certain way to make it stand up. You know that old saying: Give a man a fish…..

Video #3: Madden and Danika worked together to create a baseball and a bat and then played together. Much to their dismay, other students wanted to join. #teachablemoment

Video #4: Lianna, Maya, and Isabella create tigers, a little purse and other fun things together.

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