Susan Reedy Get’s Mindful

We have an amazing opportunity on Monday, October 10th. Susan Reedy is spending lunch with us to teach us mindfulness exercises. If you have never heard her speak, I highly recommend you find a way to get to this. Susan has an amazing ability to lift your spirits and validate your emotions.

Below is a short teaser from Susan about what to expect during our first Mindfulness workshop:

“The practice of mindfulness can sometimes generate images of a wise guru sitting in full lotus, fingertips and thumbs touching, while breathing “ohms.” And while there are formal practices of mindfulness that involve these types of sitting practices, mindfulness is also a state of being in the world. A way of acknowledging whatever happens around you with kindness and curiosity. Being fully present, compassionately aware, and always curious about your experience.

Informal mindfulness practices can be incorporated into your every day life. You can be mindful while eating, walking, washing dishes, shampooing your hair, or petting your dog. Learning to be mindful in your daily activities has been shown to have positive affects on your mental outlook, your impulse control, and your capacity to tolerate stress and pain.

If you would enjoy spending 30 minutes experiencing some informal mindfulness practices (including some tasty cheese and fruit), as well as try out a formal sitting practice in which to find room to breathe and take care of your body and mind, join Susan Reedy on October 10 at 12:20 in room H16.”

(If you are unable to make this one, she is already scheduled for another Mindfulness Workshop November 4th during our November PD series!)

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