Improv with Lisa

Listening, acceptance, and teamwork, these are all things that you will learn when you practice improv!  No experience necessary, come play some fun games with us; let loose, gain confidence, and you might just walk away laughing.

In this session, we will play a variety of comedy improv games, including ABC scene, Restaurant Quirks, and more!  We will focus on acceptance (“yes, and”), listening to and propping up your partner, and letting loose and having some fun.  Be prepared for belly laughs; all other “drama” will be left at the door!  No judgement, whether you have never acted before or you are a seasoned professional, there is no need to worry – this is not a performance, just a chance to have fun with friends.  Hope you will come and play!

YES, and….see you this Thursday, October 13th at 12:20 in the Drama Lab for awesome improv!

Can improv be a form of therapy? Some psychologists think so. Read the article below to see why:

“So Funny, It Doesn’t Hurt!”

To sign up for this class click here!

One thought on “Improv with Lisa

  • Everyone should go! Acting, Improv and being in performing arts as an adolescent changed my life for the better and provided me with skills I use each and every day in real life!


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