Winter and Spring PD Offerings

Here is a huge compilation of conferences to choose from in the second semester!


10-11: Alhambra, CA  Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works: Classroom-Ready Techniques for Increasing Student Achievement  

12-15 Dallas, TX, Kagan Brain Friendly Teaching, Win-Win Discipline, Cooperative Learning or Structures for Little Ones

20-21 Agoura Hills, CA, CUE Rock Star Teacher

29-31 Palm Springs, CA, EdTech Teacher Summit


 9-10: Pasadena, SoCal Kindergarten and 1st Grade Conference ,

15-17 San Francisco, Learning and the Brain, The Science of Innovation: Teaching Students to Think, Create, Innovate and Inspire

17-20 Columbus, OH,  Reading Recovery and K-6 Literacy Conference

27-28 Colorado, Marzano: The New Art and Science of Teaching


2-3 San Diego CA Association for the Gifted Annual Conference

3: Los Angeles, Kagan: Brain Friendly Teaching

7-9 Atlanta Annual NAIS (Nat’l Association of Independent Schools) Conference

9-10 Nashville, TN: “Teach Your Heart Out” Conference

14-17 Palm Springs, CA Annual CUE Conference- Tech & Innovation

17-21 Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, FL Music Teachers National Association Annual Conference

15-18 Atlanta, GA Annual National Science Teachers Association Conference “Science on My Mind”

20-24 Nashville, TN, SHAPE America-Health and P.E.

22-24 Seattle, WA National Art Education Annual Conference

22-24 Atlanta, GA Music Research and Teacher Education Conference

21-24 Atlanta, GA Learning Disabilities of America Annual Conference

23-25 Orlando, FL Stop Girl Bullying

24-26 Boston, MA Annual ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) Conference

28-30 San Diego, CA Deeper Learning Conference HTH


 3-4 Cincinnati, OH Annual NCEA (National Catholic Education Association) Conference

15-17 Palm Springs, CA Leading from the Middle: Developing Leadership Skills

19-21 New York, NY Learning and the Brain: Educating Mindful Minds: Using the Science of Stress to Raise Resilience, Behavior, and Achievement

19-21 San Antonio, TX National Council for History Education Annual Conference

25-28 Washington, DC Annual National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference 


 8-9 Colorado Marzano: The New Art and Science of Teaching

17-19 Whistler, B.C., Canada National Physical and Health Education Conference

21-23 New York, NY Columbia Teacher’s College Digital and Media Literacy Institute


6-9 San Antonio, TX Teaching with the Brain in Mind- Jensen Learning

12-13 San Diego, CA SPARK After School Institute

18-22 New York, NY Columbia Teachers College Writing Institute

25-29 New York, NY Columbia Teachers College Reading Institute

19-22 Wilmington, DE Hands-on Advisory: Curriculum, Themes, and Activities

20-23 Atlanta, GA Stop Girl Bullying

21-22 San Diego, CA SPARK Technology in PE Institute

24-27 Chicago, IL Annual ISTE Conference (Int’l Society for Technology in Education)




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